Stats Crushes the Super Bowl With Seattle
107-89-6 in 2013!!!!!

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Over 58% winners on more than 600 plays from 2011-Present in the NFL

The Statsational System
Statsational is both the man and the program.  Designed by "Stats" ,a Wall St. professional, Statsational handicaps NFL games against the spread.  The system looks at trends over the last 20 seasons to determine which side of each game should be taken.  In 2011 the program selected 207 games with a 61% success rate!!!!!!!!! Stats created a huge buzz on gambling forums like SBR and Covers.  He then followed that up with a 120-88-9 record in 2012 including 8-1-1 in the Postseason.  With the powerful Statsational system you can make your NFL selections ATS with confidence.    Learn More Here!!!
Why Statsational?

1.  Proven Success
Before spending money on a service make sure you know what you are paying for.  I urge you to check the SBR and Covers forums and twitter to see the documented success of the Statsational system.

2.  Dedication
Stats is dedicated to putting in the hours to make the program successful so you don't have to.

3. Access
When purchasing a package from Statsational you join the family.  You have access to ask any questions on games, line moves, money management or any topic you think Stats can help you with. 

4. Ease
Once you make a purchase you will get an automated email with this weeks plays.  For monthly and yearly subscribers you will get an email weekly with the plays.

5. Quantity
The system exploits small edges over a large number of games.  The more games the better.  Stats averages 10-14 games each week. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the system work?
To answer that it may be best to read the about page

2. That's a lot of games.  Do I play them all?

Part of what makes the system unique is its success over a large number of games.  If you have an edge then you want to play as many games as possible.  Proper money management will allow you to play every game while staying within your risk tolerance.

3. I do not have paypal can I still purchase the games?

Yes you can.  When you purchase a package paypal will handle the process.  You can either use your paypal account or just pay with a credit card.

4. Do you handicap other sports?

It took years to perfect the NFL system.  In time I hope to bring the same success to NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, MLB and NHL.  We will not give games just to have something to sell however.  When Stats is confident in the system you get it.  No sooner. UPDATE: Stats has put together a program for NCAAF, NCAAB, NFL Totals, NHL and NBA.  All of which are free on twitter.

5. I am a pretty good handicapper.  How can you make me better?

Seeing as the system gives so many games out, the games you capped yourself as plays are surely going to match some of the Statsational plays.  If you are picking over 50% then those games that agree with mine will increase both your win rate and mine.

6. Can I share the games with friends?

Absolutely.  I encourage you to split the cost with friends and purchase a package.  I just ask you do not post plays publicly in forums or social media.

I referred someone to you.  Do you offer any referral programs?
Yes.  Send me an Email

8. Do you have any locks of the week, year or century?

No.  Anyone who gives out "locks" is not being honest.  Unless they are fixing games, and even then, nothing is a lock.

9. Which package do you suggest?
Buying the full year package is the best bang for your buck.  The system works best if you play it long term so getting every game is optimal.

Call Stats if you have any questions
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If you have any questions about Stats, the system, handicapping, or you want to say hi I would love to hear from you.

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Statsationals 2011 Record

122-78-7 61%

Statsationals 2012 Record



21-11 On 70% or higher confidence games

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*Past results do not guarantee future success

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